Want to become a member?

Membership is included with registration for the TexTESOL V conference. If you are unable to attend the conference you can still join the mission of supporting the field of English language learning.

To join TexTESOL V, Mail contact information including name, email address, phone number, and professional or student affiliation along with a check or money order for $15  payable to TexTESOL V, to:

P.O. Box. 1173
Fort Worth, TX 76101-1173


Membership Benefits

TESOL Academy Scholarships

Members are invited to submit applications for the annual scholarship to attend the TESOL Academies. Look for announcements in your Fall Conference registration packet, the TexTESOL V Newsletter, and your email this spring.

TESOL Virtual Seminar Scholarships

TexTESOL V offers two scholarships semi-annually for TESOL’s Virtual Seminars, 90- to 120-minute Webcasts focused on key issues in ESL and EFL. You can access the seminars from your home or office, as a live event or using the playback feature. Registration is on a per site basis, so groups of professionals may benefit at no extra change. For more information, link to www.tesol.org.

TexTESOLer of the Year Award

This annual award honors one TexTESOL V member for his/her service to TexTESOL V and the TESOL community of North Texas. The recipient receives full funding for travel and registration for attendance at the State Conference, where the award is presented. Nomination forms are distributed at the Fall Conference, via the TexTESOL V Newsletter, and via email throughout the year.

Virginia French Allen Award

Each fall TexTESOL V submits nominations for the TexTESOL V member who has provided outstanding service to the affiliate. Winners of the Virginia French Allen Award receive three years of TESOL membership including a subscription to TESOL Quarterly. See additional TESOL membership benefits above. Send your nominations to the TexTESOL V President or President-Elect. You may also submit nominations directly to TESOL.

Access to Leadership Opportunities

Ample and varied opportunities are available to help you develop your leadership abilities. These include: serving on the board, chairing a committee, editing the newsletter, updating the web site, working with publishers for local conferences, planning and implementing membership recruitment activities, alerting the membership to current political issues, volunteering for conference management, presenting your work to colleagues. If you’re interested, there’s a position for you! Contact any board member to express your interest. The list of current board members is posted on the TexTESOL V web site (see below).

Continuous, Cutting-Edge Professional Development

Through the annual Fall Conference, annual State Conference, and scholarships, TexTESOL V provides opportunities throughout the year for TESOL professionals to hone their skills as language instructors and administrators. Look for announcements on the TexTESOL V web site, in the TexTESOL V Newsletter, and in your email year round.

Networking Opportunities

North Texas is home to some of the best professionals in TESOL, many of whom have served on the TexTESOL V Board, continue to advise the Board, and attend its sponsored events. Networking with colleagues at board meetings and conferences can be invaluable to your development as a TESOL professional. Check the TexTESOL V web site, the TexTESOL V Newsletter, and your email for announcements of these opportunities.

TexTESOL V Web Site (www.textesolv.org)

The TexTESOL V web site is your lifeline to TESOL matters in North Texas! It is continually updated to provide its members with the most current information, which includes the TexTESOL V Newsletter and the Directory of ESL Programs in North Texas, announcements and information about local events and the State Conference. You’ll also find tips for teaching and job announcements. Make www.textesolv.org one of your browser favorites and check the site regularly!

TexTESOL V Newsletter

The TexTESOL V Newsletter is published quarterly (January, March, June, and September) and provides updates on the organization, professional development opportunities, awards, scholarships, and insightful, helpful articles written by local TESOL professionals. The newsletter is currently available only on-line and accessible only by password. Announcements about new issues of the newsletter are sent by email, so make sure the Newsletter Editor has your current email address and set your filter to accept TexTESOL V-related email messages!

Directory of ESL Programs in North Texas

TexTESOL V provides its members with a directory of North Texas ESL programs. The directory is useful in job hunting and communicating with local administrators. Members may access the directory online at the TexTESOL V website, using a password provided to members.

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